10 Festival Essentials

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So I’ve just come back from my second (and last) festival of the summer and I really enjoyed it. The ones I went to this year were Fieldview and Boardmasters, and both were amazing! The only thing is, I found that I just packed way too much stuff so thought that I’d do a blog post all about the essentials that you need!

  1. WIPES
    – Both festivals I attended had showers available, but they were in high demand and therefore had enormous queues. I don’t really mind not showering though, because you can just give yourself a wash down with some wet wipes. I use baby wipes for my body and some femme wipes for the lady parts!
  2. WATER
    – This is probably quite obvious but I do have a point about this. I took 3 one litre bottles of water and I just think it was too heavy to be worth it. We had water points nearby at both festivals, both were clean with cold water so I actually would probably just take one big bottle next time and refill at the water points.
    – I am putting emphasis on the word decent here. I seriously think if you’re going to more than one festival a year (plus if you go camping with friends a lot) then I think investing in or borrowing a decent tent will seriously improve your experience. My boyfriend buys crappy £10 tents every year that aren’t waterproof that he leaves at the festival, but I borrowed my dad’s four man tent this year that had two pods and a middle area, and me and two friends were really comfortable and had loads of room for all our things. Also we weren’t worried when it rained because we knew the tent was waterproof!
    – Now this one was a new entry for my list of essentials when I invested in a self inflating roll mat for Boardmasters. I used an inflatable double mattress for Fieldview as I was sharing a pod with a friend so that was fine, but it is a pain to blow up and deflate as well as chunky to carry around. My roll mat however was so easy to carry, easy to inflate although I will say I haven’t quite mastered the rolling up/deflating… oops!
  5. MONEY
    – Again this is an obvious one, but you have to remember that you’ll probably want at least one hot meal a day (probably dinner before or after you’ve been drinking) to soak up the alcohol/hangover/fuel you after a sleepless night, etc. At Boardmasters, they had loads of amazing food stalls, and they also had a Nando’s stall which was quite frankly a god-send. It’s definitely better to take more money than you need than to not have enough. That being said though, if you’re with people who have a car and can take you to a nearby town to get money, then you can easily do that if you run out.
    – It was really hot and sunny for both of the festivals I went to which is great, although it is difficult when you’re camping because you can’t really escape the heat or the sun. That’s why I would recommend a sun hat because I got a really burnt scalp when I was at Fieldview, and when I went to the beach whilst at Boardmasters, I had to wrap my vest top round my head to keep the sun off (how cool do I sound). Sun cream is an absolute essential too because you’re pretty much always outside, and I can’t imagine anything worse than being really sun burnt at a festival.
    – So like I mentioned before, the showers are unavailable, so dry shampoo really is your best friend if you want to avoid the greasy look. However, I’m including actual shampoo and conditioner because I managed to wash my hair with a big bottle of water at the water point and nothing has ever felt better – especially because it was such a hot day!!!
    – This is the ultimate festival essential for me. I just love covering my face in glitter – it also helps to cover up those sad, tired eye bags or any blemishes you might have received from the festival diet! I use Snazaroo glitter gel as a base, and then just cosmetic glitter that I bought on eBay to place on top. My favourite thing to do is to ombré the glitter from say blue to silver! Any shiny stars/shapes or stick on gems are a wicked addition too.
  9. COAT
    – A coat or a rain poncho is very important to bring with you even if you never use them. If you’re caught in the rain with nothing to wear then you’ll be spending the day very wet!
    – Obviously pants and socks you need ample of, but I realise you probably don’t need as many outfits as me or my friends took. My friends were often changing into ‘evening outfits’ but I just didn’t really see the need to have a whole separate outfit for the evening – as if anyone cares if you’re glam or not. You definitely need a pair of baggy patterned trousers, maybe a pair of jeans, a few tops, a jumper and a pair of shorts. And pyjamas. But take the bare minimum – some people I know sleep in the same outfit the whole time they’re there!!!

I hope this was helpful and that you’ve all had a glorious summer. I’m off to Wales at the end of this week and I’m very excited to have a relaxed family holiday. It is slightly alarming that my summer is almost at an end, and I’m super scared about starting my foundation course in September!!


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