Art Project – Unit 3

So, it’s been just over four months since I last wrote about my art and graphics studies on my blog (see my last post here) and this time I wanted to dedicate a post specifically to my unit 3 fine art project that I have been doing since September. The hand-in deadline for this project and my graphics unit 3, was last week and I managed to hand them both in on time (woop!)

I’ve decided to just keep it to the pieces that I felt were most successful, as I had many images in my book that would take a long time to write about.
DSCN1436 2Near the beginning of my book, I drew over some photographs of my little brother onto acetate and then photocopied them in and inverted the image to create these white-on-black outlined photos. I loved these so much, especially since they were so easy to make!
DSCN1438 2
Next, I managed to journey my way to some artist research on Mona Turnbull and do some responses of my own of her work. She paints onto people and creates beautiful images, however I didn’t really think my brother would stand still enough to allow me to do this on him so I just painted on top of a photograph which still gave a good effect. This was actually a second attempt that I did as the first one didn’t quite reflect Mona’s work accurately. I really loved looking at her work, and she actually found my images of this on my Pinterest account and commented and liked them!
DSCN1440 2
Next I moved on to a photoshoot of a family friend from America. I decided to paint him with acrylic and I think he was such a great model for my project and really helped move the unit forward. It was a real test of my skill creating this portrait of him but I was pleased with the final result.
DSCN1444 2
Next, I researched Harding Meyer, an artist from Brazil who’s exhibited his work all over the world. I really recommend checking out his work as it is really gorgeous. I tried to produce work in his style but it was so difficult even though I was working on top of a photo! I gave it a good go though, and decided to move on towards the final piece of my project.
DSCN1446 2
This painting was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest and I just love it so much. Leaving the mouth exposed with the silly expression became a huge part of the end of my project as I researched an artist called Kim Byungkwan who has a series called ‘Children‘. The images are quite morbid and creepy as he takes children screaming or laughing but paints them in a way that can be construed as disturbing. I took his style but left the mouth expression in it’s silly state. This became the basis for my final piece.
image1 (4)
And here it is! I really loved this project and can’t wait to get stuck into Unit 4 now! Please give me a follow on Pinterest if you’d like to see my journey through the next unit as I plan on posting on there all the way through. Thank you for reading and please also check out my new tab on my blog that has a slideshow of my artwork!

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