Artwork Catch-up 2

Firstly I apologise for missing out last week’s blog post, but I have been super busy and all I can think about is art. I do want to do more beauty related things on this blog but I’m so into my painting and drawing at the moment and recently I’m pretty much just wearing mascara and a bit of eyebrow gel. I know I want to write about my art today, so I thought I’d do another update/catch-up of what I’ve been doing recently. I guess my Etsy shop blog post was sort of an update as well but I want to do another one anyway!!

Flower pot small

So straight after my art exam finished, I caught the bus home and went into my garden as it was a beautifully sunny day and immediately started painting (as if 14 hours of art exam time wasn’t enough!). There were pink tulips right in front of me that I wanted to paint because they looked like they were just about to start dropping their petals so I wanted to capture them before they were gone!

I have also managed to get 4 commission pieces within a few days of each other! I am so super excited that people want me to do one-off pieces for them! I have only completed one so far, but I am started the next two this week! It’s nice to get commissions because sometimes as an artist I can’t find something that I want to draw or paint, but when someone asks you do to a specific thing and they’re paying for it, it really shifts you into gear and I create things I wouldn’t normally. My blue bird commission is an example of this and I’m so pleased with the results!

Blue tit
The only part I dislike is the background and perhaps the feet could have been more detailed but I’m still happy considering it was my first time using gouache paint!

I’ve also been entering a weekly theme hashtag on Instagram (IFDrawAWeek) which has also been great for inspiration and after I made a strawberry pattern in my graphic design exam, I decided to make a pattern for the theme of ‘vegetables’ a week or two ago. I started by using gouache to paint four vegetables and scanned it into my computer, where I duplicated the image on Photoshop to create the pattern.
Veggie pattern
I think it looks so cute! I’d next time do more objects and have more things in the white gaps but I thought it was a good try anyway!

Sorry it’s not a long post but I will have a cool blog post next week as I’m going to an event on Saturday that’s pretty exciting!

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