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So it’s been a really, really long time since I wrote a blog post but today I was resting in bed and felt the urge to get back into writing here again. Aside from documenting the things I do, I also find blog posts pretty therapeutic to do as I can often rearrange my thoughts into the posts and reflect on things.

I feel like so much yet not a lot has happened in the past few months since my last blog post in October. Firstly, I turned 19 in December and I think that was a strange moment for me as I realise this is my last year of being a teenager. It’s a funny birthday I think because everyone was so excited when I turned 18 that my 19th birthday was slightly depressing as it doesn’t seem so special somehow – not that I had a bad birthday by any means!

Next, I had what feels like a million interviews for university but I actually had 5 for 5 different universities to study illustration. It was a process where I applied, then had to make a portfolio of work and then took it to each university for them to have a look at it and see who I was and what I was like as a person. This is basically selling your soul to each uni so they offer you a place! I applied to Cardiff Metropolitan University, the University of Gloucestershire, the University of the West of England (UWE), Falmouth University and Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). Realistically, I knew that UWE, AUB and Falmouth were going to be my top options but I kept Gloucestershire and Cardiff Met as backup options in case something went very wrong at the other three options. I was incredibly nervous for all of these, even though they must have gone well because I got varying offers from all five! I got unconditional offers, which means if I accepted I would be definitely enrolling in September, from UWE, Cardiff Met and Gloucestershire. I then got conditionals, which means I needed a pass grade in my current course to enrol, from Falmouth and AUB. I was absolutely over the moon, especially getting an offer from Falmouth University as that was really my dream uni and I was so sure I wouldn’t get an offer. I put Falmouth as my first choice and UWE as my second choice and I really, really can’t wait to start studying illustration in September!!!

I’m now on my final unit of my foundation course and I’m very happy to have a long summer holiday but quite gutted to be finishing this course. I’m going to do a whole blog post about the foundation course as if anyone reads this at all and if someone finds it who’s not sure about doing a foundation course, I think it would be quite useful. The long and short of it is, I think doing a foundation course is the best possible thing you could do for yourself!!

I recently went to London at the beginning of April and stayed for a week with my family. At first, as I always do with London, I found the city smelly, overwhelming and actually really horrible. But as the week went on, I found myself enjoying the city’s buzz and the creative inspiration was everywhere. I live in a small city currently that has its areas of beauty and inspiration but these parts are more in the countryside or in the greener areas of the city. I don’t find where I live to be motivating or particularly fun and its arts scene is particularly minimal. Either that, or I haven’t been looking hard enough but I think if there was a big art scene, I wouldn’t have to look very much at all to feel it or see it. My week in London definitely made me want to consider doing a Masters degree there once I leave Falmouth, but I’m still grateful I’ve chosen Falmouth University as my first choice just because I think being by the sea will improve my mental health and increase my confidence about being independent.

My mental health and anxiety are still hugely difficult problems that I struggle with daily, although I have to say that I was improving more than declining. The prospect of moving away is on the horizon and although absolutely terrifying, I have a sense of fresh starts and clean slates at the back of my mind. I am going to Falmouth with one of my really good friends that I have made on the course, so I won’t be completely alone and she’s incredibly supportive. Having one person I can rely on is helping me with the transition, and I honestly think moving to Falmouth will give me a new lease on life and I genuinely believe this will be something that will help me move on and become happier.

I’ve updated a few photos on here and I hope to come back to this regularly again, especially since very exciting things will be happening in my life this year and I would definitely like to document them! My Instagram and Etsy shop have been updated, too.

See you soon,


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