February Favourites

DSCN1666Firstly, I hope everyone enjoyed their February – for me it seemed to go very quickly. I thought I’d round off the month with a blog post about all my favourite products/things this month!

Hair & Beauty

So in January my stepdad came back from working in San Francisco for 2 weeks and he always gets a thing or two from Sephora for me. This time he brought back Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade as I wanted to give it a try because even though I have quite dark eyebrows, they do have a few gaps in and I just wanted to see if it would improve them in any way. It took me a few days to get the hang of it properly, but now I love the way it makes my brows look!

DSCN1678Another favourite of mine, which I’ve rediscovered this month, is the Lash Sensational mascara by Maybelline that I honestly prefer to some of the more high-end mascaras that I own. Although it doesn’t last as long, I find it separates my lashes so well and gives me a lot of length. I’ve also been using my Beauty Blender to put my foundation on with and I love the way it makes the foundation look as it manages to give such an even coverage of foundation. I’ve used it every time I’ve put on makeup!

DSCN1674Next, I picked up some silverising shampoo and conditioner from Superdrug at the beginning of the month, and in a tiny way it’s changed my life!!! The conditioner has improved the feel and look of my hair so much, and I guess that’s down to the added argan oil. It does a fairly good job at lifting the more yellowish tones in my hair but I use it more for the softness and the hydration that it gives my hair.

Arts & Crafts

I got given a £20 Amazon giftcard (which was actually a Christmas present but I managed to leave it at someone’s house and only got it back this month), and decided to buy things that would help with my anxiety as well as improving skills and giving myself a hobby. I thought an adult colouring book would help a lot with distracting me and giving myself something positive to focus on rather than worrying or stressing about things.

DSCN1668DSCN1669I thought Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom colouring book looked particularly beautiful, as I love flowers and animals that are made up of more intricate shapes and patterns. I haven’t managed to make time for myself to do very much but I’ve started colouring in an octopus which is on the first page! I plan to colour in every single page of this book.

DSCN1670Next on my Amazon hunt, I decided to fulfil one of the things I wanted to achieve this year; learning origami. I bought a little pack of origami paper, with the intention of looking up tutorials and instructions online.

I didn’t really anticipate how small the pieces of paper were going to be, however I love the patterns so much. It was quite cheap and I got plenty of different patterns and sheets included. I did manage to make a couple of swans and a flower that I included in the image, but I think I need slightly larger paper to create anything impressive. I did really enjoy making things though, I found it quite therapeutic.





DSCN1680So I haven’t really been playing many games this month due to college and not really having anything I want to play, but I have been picking up my 3DS a lot and playing Animal Crossing. I used to play this game almost religiously about 10 years ago and then stopped playing for ages. It sounds lame but I was given a 3DS for my 18th birthday by my boyfriend and I don’t regret a damn thing! The Animal Crossing for this console is amazing and I wish I could play it more than I do.


That’s it for my favourite things this month, I’m not sure if I’ll do a favourites for every month but I definitely fancied doing it for February as a lil’ positive recap of things I liked! Thank you as always for reading 🙂


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