So, it’s taken me around 4 or 5 attempts to decide how to begin this blog post – and a whole summer holiday to actually sit down and start this blog full stop. To say I’m good at procrastinating is an understatement! Nevertheless though, welcome to my blog!

I’ve been wanting my own blog for well over a year now, perhaps even two years, after watching YouTubers such as Helen Anderson and Inthefrow, who both have blogs as well as their channels. I love writing; I use to write so many stories and poems when I was at primary school, although I stopped when I went to high school where doing anything extra that even slightly resembled school work was a complete no-go. I do regret stopping just because of what I thought other people might think, however I still wrote for my studies in English and I also wrote essays throughout my school life, in which I always found myself strangely enjoying. It was in fact when I was writing an essay yesterday for my A level graphic design summer work (which I once again left till the last possible moment), that I realised how much I was enjoying writing about designers and their work. Art is another passion of mine alongside writing, and I thought that now is as good a time as ever to start a blog.

Blog Theme
I would like to be able to post my artwork and designs on here, however that isn’t going to be all that’s published. When deciding what kind of blog I wanted last night before I went to sleep, I realised that there is so much that I want to include. So, I want this to be a blog about my life. This December I am turning 18, and before that I am going to America for a week to visit family for Thanksgiving. I want to write about these events and about what I do after I officially become an adult. This post does not include any images, but photography is something I love, so hopefully this blog will be visually pleasing with photographs alongside posts for any readers I may be lucky enough to interest with what I get up to. I would also like to include posts about health issues and in particular IBS (which stands for irritable bowel syndrome), and is an illness I struggle with daily, as well as having a slight gluten intolerance that I have to balance within my life. For this, I would like to include occasional and hopefully helpful advice and recipes for people to try. Another passion of mine is makeup and beauty, so for anyone interested in this I am going to be doing some makeup looks that I have been enjoying but I don’t want this to overpower my content in any way.

Post Frequency
So in short, my blog is going to be a mishmash of travel, lifestyle, art, beauty, food and health advice. As for how often I will post here, I do want to keep on top of publishing often and would like to write at least once a week, although I do start my second year of college tomorrow so hopefully my studies won’t completely drown me.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you come back soon,


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