My College Course & A Catch-Up

It’s been a completely mad 6 weeks since my last blog post but I have now arrived at half term and finally have enough time to sit down and just write. A lot has happened and I thought I’d reflect on everything in this post!

In September, I started my new course; the UAL Foundation Diploma in art and design. I was extremely nervous to start, due to realising the few people I knew that were doing it were in a class together and I, was not. It’s safe to say that I am not too good at going into completely new situations, and although I feel like I can make friends, I’m just not that great at going up to someone and starting a conversation from nowhere. Anyway, I did make a ‘friend’ in the first hour, only she wasn’t in the right room and I ended up sitting on my own! I really hated my first week, and thought I’d made the wrong choice in not going straight to university or taking a gap year (one of my best friends had gone to uni and was having an amazing time, and my other best friend had gone travelling around Europe, also having an amazing time). Once my first rotation arrived, and when I realised I was with three of my friends, I fell in love with my course.

The way it works is you choose three subjects that you would essentially like to try out. I chose graphic design, lens media (which is a fancy way of saying photography) and fine art. This term, I completed my graphics and photography rotations, and I surprised myself in the fact that I enjoyed photography way more than I thought I would. I didn’t really enjoy graphic design that much, I’m not sure if it was the brief or if I’ve just moved on from my A Level days, but the passion wasn’t really there in the same way it was in photography.

The brief within photography (I feel like I’ve said that word too much) was colour, but we could choose a certain theme to focus on surrounding colour, if that makes sense. For example, I chose to look at doorways but took lots of photos of different coloured doorways. One of the teachers taught us how to make and bind our own books; something I thought was extremely difficult, but actually I completely loved it and it’s inspired me in ways I didn’t think that it would or could. I know that I want to specialise in illustration, and this rotation has made me want to make, write and illustrate my own book – so watch this space!

Since looking at colour, I’ve been taking lots of photos of things that are beautiful as I’ve been noticing more and more things because I’m actually looking for them.




I’ve set up a Pinterest board of lots of my photography so I’ll leave the link here so people can see more if they want to.

Other things that have happened in the last 6 weeks have been seeking some help from my GP about some health issues and I’m finally getting on track with things.

I’ve also been to a Falmouth University open day with my mum, and let me tell you – I have fallen IN LOVE. About a year ago, me and my grandma stopped in Falmouth to have a look around the town and I loved it then, but I let people talk me out of studying there – a lot of people were worried about the social side of it and whether it would be too isolating and “boring”. However, the university and the course are so good and I know that my whole life has been sort of leading to this point. Falmouth is an arts university and nothing could be more perfect for me. Getting in is going to be really hard, but I’m prepared to do all of the work I need to give me the best chance of getting a place! Being near the sea and in a small town is important to me, I think. I don’t like going out clubbing and I have anxiety and I think being in a quiet place will be good for me – and there’s no shortage of inspiration in Falmouth!!

I think that’s about all I’ve needed to catch up on, but after half term I am starting my fine art/drawing rotation and I’m excited and nervous about that but I think it will be a good one!

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