My Small Holiday…

For my grandma’s birthday, she decided to take us to Cornwall to visit my cousins for a few days. Having not visited my cousins’ home-town since I was much younger, I felt a little unsure about the trip, just because it had been such a long time.

However, once we got here and we travelled through the busy roads of Penzance, I felt nostalgic and these blurry, faded memories from being a little girl became clearer. The guest house we stayed in was wonderful – we had a beautiful view of the Penzance promenade, as well as St Michael’s Mount, and what I loved best was being able to see the waves crash against the beach from my room.
It’s strange, but I almost felt like I was home here. I realised that being near the sea is incredibly important to me. The Cornish houses are beautiful – I love the way they look squeezed together like tinned sardines. What I also love about Penzance is that there are creative inspirations everywhere; art galleries; art shops and the stunning landscape. I find that the light here in Cornwall is different to that of where I live; it’s brighter and stronger and I wanted to immediately capture every area that the light caught, or to sit down and paint the scenery.

The first day consisted of meeting up with one of my cousins who lived just down the road from our guest house, and then visiting Penlee House, a museum and art gallery in Penzance. There was an exhibition on called ‘The Bigger Picture’, which included Cornish paintings from 1920-1960. I found this really inspiring, although my grandma and cousin didn’t enjoy it as much which I suppose is what art is all about – the individual perception of a piece. There was also a room of much older paintings that were of Cornish people and places. Some were particularly beautiful; my favourite of which was ‘Abbey Slip’ by Stanhope Forbes. I would heartily recommend visiting Penlee House to view the beautiful works inside.

In the evening, my other cousin joined us all and we went to a Nepalese and Indian restaurant called The Taj Mahal, where we enjoyed absolutely beautiful food – honestly the best curry I think I’ve ever had. My grandma enjoyed it too and she really dislikes spicy food, so a thumbs up all round!

The next day, after a gorgeous breakfast in our guest house overlooking the sea, we visited St Ives to have a look round the town and for some lunch. I personally think that St Ives is beautiful, and I loved looking round all the unique and independent shops.
For lunch we visited Porthmeor Beach Café after my grandma requested that she’d always wanted to come here but never had the chance to. Despite the weather being average and slightly on the cold side, the rain held off and even the sun came through for a bit. We enjoyed a lovely carrot and coriander soup with some slices of crusty bread whilst watching the goings-on on the beach in front of us.
After having a look round a couple of art galleries, we enjoyed some ice cream overlooking the bay as the tide had come in by this point. I had a salted caramel flavoured ice cream (very delicious) and we watched seals swim in the bay that we believed was a mother and her pup.
After this, we headed to dinner and after lots of discussion we went to a Chinese restaurant in Penzance – however upon getting there, we found it wasn’t really what we wanted, and instead headed to The Dolphin Tavern just down the road from it. Everyone enjoyed their food here, and the staff were really friendly and made it a pleasant evening. This was probably my favourite time of the whole trip away, as all three of my cousins (and one of their boyfriends) were there, and that hasn’t happened for years. It was a really special evening, made even better by the cosy pub setting.

The next morning, our last before heading home that same day, me and my grandma took a quick walk along Long Rock beach with her two dogs. It was a stunning morning – the sun kept breaking through the gloomy clouds and the wet sand was like a mirror. I took lots of photos here as I just couldn’t resist capturing how beautiful it all was.
We then piled into the car and headed to Falmouth as I am considering possibly going to the school of art there. I didn’t take any photos of anything here, despite it being a lovely town, as we were just walking through looking at the shops. I definitely want to visit Falmouth again, as I did think it was great to be able to walk down the town’s high street and be able to see the sea through gaps between shops. However I worry about being isolated there as it is a lot quieter than other university towns. I would be a lot closer to my cousins which would be great, and I would also meet lots of like-minded people but my other options for uni are places such as Bristol, which obviously has a lot more happening there so I need to visit all of my options and do a lot of thinking.

Overall, I really loved my visit to Cornwall and I hope that you enjoyed reading about it. I also hope that some of my recommendations will be of use to you if you ever visit Penzance or St Ives!

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