New Hair & How I Style It

Around 2 weeks ago now, I finally got some blonde ends (or ombré) put in to my hair. I was really excited and nervous for this, although when it was done initially I wasn’t so sure about it but it’s definitely grown on me (excuse the pun). As it was such a horrible and rainy day today – hence the lack of makeup and comfy clothes – I decided to write a blog post about how I style my hair.

I used to have really long hair (see inserted image) which was great and I did love the length a lot as it meant that most days I could either put it up or leave it without styling. However, my hair doesn’t really have any volume to it, so I often felt that my hair wPhoto on 04-06-2014 at 16.04as flat and this wasn’t helped by how heavy my hair was because it was so long. It was also pretty damaged at the ends as I didn’t really get it cut very often, mainly due to laziness, so I decided to cut it short nearly a year ago now after I bleached the ends of it so I could dye it pink (which was worth it but did leave my hair super damaged as I didn’t look after it properly). I’m wanting my long hair back after finding some old photos like this one though, so maybe we’ll see about me growing it out again……

So moving on with my short hair, the picture below shows it about an hour or more after being washed so it’s just a little bit damp. The frizziness makes it look really damaged but it’s not anywhere near as bad in real life. I also found that the camera made my hair really orangey but I don’t think it’s like that in reality either.DSCN1554 2

I got given a load of hair products from a family member recently and it included some Aveda products, which is what my hairdresser usually uses when she washes my hair. I decided to try out the Style-Prep spray before blow-drying, which added moisture and heat protection.DSCN1557 2On the bottle it says it adds ‘all-day weightless volume’, and after I’d finish with the hairdryer, I couldn’t believe how big and fluffy my hair had become!!
DSCN1562 2
In this post, I’m going to be showing you my four go-to hairstyles, but I also straighten or curl my hair depending on how much time I have and where I’m going. I would have shown this in the post, however I’m going out tonight and want to curl my hair so I didn’t want to put loads of heat on my hair today!

The first hairstyle is a handy night-before trick that I do if I know I want an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning, especially on the days I have to be in college at 9am! This is really super easy and only requires dry shampoo (I usually use Batiste, although I bought some Herbal Essence’s dry shampoo yesterday so I’ll let you know how I get on with it).

All you need is two normal braids on each side of your hair! If I knew how to do fancy French or Dutch plaits then I would definitely do this instead, but it’s up to what you prefer.
DSCN1564 2I try to make them as tight as possible but I can never make them very neat but I don’t find this matters too much. I also add hairspray before I go to sleep so that the plaits form the curls better. Even after having these in for about 3 minutes, my hair had a little kink in it from the plaits!

Next up is a hairstyle that I do basically all the time because it looks like you’ve made a little bit of effort in the morning even though it’s so quick to do.
DSCN1580 2I just gather the top middle section of my hair and put it into a ponytail at the back and pull it tight so that I can pull hair out slightly to give it more volume and messiness. I wear my hair like this a lot for college but I’ve also done it for meals out with friends and family as I will straighten the rest of my hair and do it slightly neater and it works a treat!

The next hairstyle is one that I’ve only achieved successfully twice and I tried to recreate it for this blog post but it just wasn’t happening. It’s like the previous hairstyle, only a bun instead of a ponytail. I can do a bun fine if it’s my whole hair in the bun but I can’t do a little one on the top of my head for some reason. I did take a picture of what happened when I tried, so you get the general idea of what I was going for. It does look really nice when done properly. I did see a video by Zoella about it too, so maybe you should watch that if you want to do it for yourself!!
DSCN1583 2
The last one is something I’ve started to do more recently for something a little bit different. It’s basically just taking a small section from each side of the head and pulling it round the back and tying it into a tiny ponytail (for me anyway because of the length of my hair).
DSCN1589 2
DSCN1587 2I hope you found this hairstyle post helpful or inspiring, I know they’re not very complex but I’m not very skilled when it comes to hair so I rely on the basics!! I want to teach myself some new hairstyles this year though, so watch this space!

Also, my puppy Jess decided to join in halfway through me taking photos for this blog post:
DSCN1570 2Thank you for reading!

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