New London, NH

I wasn’t too sure whether I should write about when I stayed in New London in New Hampshire for a few days, considering it was a few weeks ago now. I’ve been so busy with birthday celebrations and college work that I have completely abandoned blogging. I’ve been missing it, so I think I will write about the rest of my trip to America.

After staying in Boston for two days, we caught the coach up to New London, where the home of my mum’s exchange family lies. It’s an absolutely gorgeous little town, and I always love coming back as I’ve been visiting this place since I was very young. I love the houses in New Hampshire as they all have their own space and unique look to them.

As an example, this is the library in New London, and most of the houses have this wooden panelling on them like this one. I just think it’s incredibly pretty, and a lot of houses have different coloured panelling so every one looks different.

Another thing about this town is the views. You can see mountains with snow on the top from some of the roads off of the main road, and I remember coming in September once before the fall had really started but there were still beautiful bright red and yellow leaves on the trees, so the forest surrounding New London almost looked as if it were on fire.

The weather was gorgeous whilst we were there. I remember it only raining once, maybe twice, the whole time we were there (which when you come from England it’s completely amazing!) It was fairly cold on some of the days though and we did have to wrap up pretty warm.

We also attempted to buy a Christmas tree for the children that were also staying at the same house we were, but we were one day too early! There was a huge pile of pumpkins outside the store though and a basket of gourds, and for some reason I just had to take a photograph of both as I found them so visually pleasing!!

On another day, we also went for what they called a ‘hike’, although it was just a long walk around the forest nearby. It was such a cold but beautiful day and I was glad I brought my camera along to take some photos throughout.

The water was starting to freeze and some of the small waterfalls/parts of the stream had icicles forming. That doesn’t happen often where I live, and I found it fascinating to see.

I wish I knew the story behind Grampa’s Bathtub so I could explain the meaning of this but I didn’t, and the people we were with didn’t know either. There was a big, deep area of water that was calmer than the rest of the river, so I presume someone’s grandfather used to come here a lot. Who that old man was, we’ll never know.

The walk was very steep in places which was a little scary considering one of the family with us was pregnant! Still, you can’t deny the pure beauty of this place, even in winter without the full bloom. It’s easy to imagine how great it looks in the summer. I do feel more of a willingness to get out and explore when I’m in America, something that I wish I felt more often here. I’m not sure if it’s the unknown that lures me in and the fact I’m somewhere new but America always makes me wake up a little bit and inspires me to do more. I always set myself goals to achieve once I’m back home as I think being away from England makes me think more clearly because there’s not so many distractions or familiarities or routines to follow. I often find that these goals are often short lived once I return though, sadly.

I really enjoyed the hike and I hope that if you ever get the chance to walk in the countryside of America, especially New Hampshire, that you do it – I found it different to back home.

On the Thursday, we had Thanksgiving dinner cooked by one of the daughters’ of the house we were staying at. It was simply so delicious and I enjoyed my first Thanksgiving experience a lot. I hope I get to be a part of more in the future. I always love visiting New London, and I would like to explore New Hampshire fully one day.

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