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So a few weeks ago now, I decided to take the plunge and go all pink! It took a while to get used to it and to get used to people staring/talking about it but I have to say that I absolutely love it now.

I used to have very dark brown hair with a blonde ombre in the ends. I dyed the blonde part pink and I thought, I just want all of it pink. I’ve wanted pink hair for probably around 4 years now and I feel a sense of relief that I’ve done it; I never wanted it to be something I never did and then regretted – I can’t tell you how many adults have come up to me saying, “I wish I did that when I was younger.”

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In these photos my hair has actually faded a bit (if you can believe that)! I used Schwarzkopf Live XXL in the purple colour on the roots and in the pink to dye the rest of my hair after I bleached it; I had white roots which is why the purple colour has stayed so well. Initially the pink turned out great on my hair even with some areas of darker blonde in but it just hasn’t stayed as vibrant for as long! My hair has turned a white-ish pink now as I’m trying to fade it out so I can dye it more of a richer/bluer purple which I’m excited about!

I used the B-Blonde bleach that I just picked up from the local drugstore, Boots. I actually got everything in here for fairly cheap. I love how long the Schwarzkopf colours stay – so much better than the La Riche Directions hair dye that I’ve used before. I don’t wash my hair every day so this means the colour stays longer too.

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If you’re scared to dye your hair a bright colour, just do it!! The bleaching part is a faff but as long as you have enough bleach, you won’t have any issues. I actually didn’t have enough and had to go into town the next day with a hat on to buy more!! If you can afford to go to the salon then do it there and also make sure you condition your hair lots and give it loads of TLC. Other than that, do it! It’ll change your life!

There’s loads of pictures of my hair on my blog’s Instagram: @paperscrapbook!

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