I wasn’t too sure what to write about for one of my blog posts this week but I tried to think about what’s been on my mind to find some inspiration. I wonder whether the reason I don’t write blog posts consistently some weeks is purely because I’m awfully prone to procrastination. So hopefully some of you can relate to this post – and if you’re procrastinating yourself by reading this then afterwards you can get back to what you should really be doing!

Being a teenager in full time education, procrastination is not something I find that I just do – it’s something even my lecturers admit to doing. The definition of procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something and this is quite literally finding any meaningless task to do so you can avoid what you’re really supposed to be doing. For example, I’ll find myself changing my bed or stacking the dishwasher or cleaning my room when I should be writing an essay or doing some extra pages in my sketchbook. I still procrastinate even when I know it’ll make me feel worse because not doing my work is adding even more stress into my life.

Something I have realised though, is that once you actually get yourself doing what you’re supposed to, you enter this zone where you’re solely focussed on what you’re doing. Because I do subjects at college that I love (fine art, graphic design and media studies) I often find that I love doing my work. I often wonder why I procrastinate when the things I need to complete are things that I love doing. There’s no real way to ‘cure’ procrastination, you just have to realise that starting the work sooner means that you can do what you want quicker, and the stress of the work looming overhead is lifted sooner.

I personally also find it beneficial to work out why exactly  I’m procrastinating the things I need to do. I often find that I don’t start my work because I think it’s too big a job and that I either won’t complete it to a high standard (failure), or that I won’t finish it at all – which is a strange mindset that I struggle to understand; I’m afraid of not finishing something so I won’t start at all. I’m self-confessed perfectionist and this can be a positive thing – it does mean I always try to complete my tasks to what I believe is a high standard, but it also means I am extremely critical of my work and find it difficult to put myself through the process of creating something that can be then criticised or merely viewed by other people. I think starting this blog was an extremely good thing for me, as it’s a creative outlet that can potentially be viewed by anyone that discovers it – but it’s extremely rewarding when I get a positive comment. Putting yourself out there isn’t always negative and scary, and the thought of failure shouldn’t stop a person from doing what they want.

So if you’re reading this instead of doing that essay or replying to that email or asking that question or starting that blog post, then go and do it!!! I find that if you just sit down and do it without thinking too hard about it, you really can achieve so much. Everyone is capable of great things – good luck!

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