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So my friend had a gathering at her house recently, and I decided I wanted to blog my look for the evening. I’ve tried to take photos along the way to show each step clearly, and I was really pleased with the result! I will show all the products used throughout this post but I will also leave a list of the products at the end with links to where you can buy them. Feel free to click on the photos to see them bigger and in better quality.

First off, I moisturised using the Nivea day cream for dry and sensitive skin. My skin is really odd in the sense that it’s incredibly dry and oily at the same time, which is really frustrating when using certain products. For example, if I use a primer (which I did try to do for this look first of all), it completely dries out my skin and when I apply foundation it clings to the dry skin and looks really bad. I find that my foundation does not last very long without a primer underneath though and doesn’t stay matte either.

The primer I tried to use before putting my foundation on, was the Stay Matte primer by Rimmel. I applied my L’Oréal True Match foundation in the shade Ivory, which is perfect for my skin tone – however, the primer made my skin dry up completely so I had to remove it all, apply more moisturiser and then reapply the foundation.
5I really love this product as it’s the first one that has (as the name suggests) truly matched my skin tone as I find that a lot of ivory and ‘light’ coloured foundations are actually very orangey and leave a line around my face. I can’t find any faults in this foundation apart from it’s quite a low coverage, but that’s not a major set back as it’s very easily build-able. I think I applied two layers for this look.

I then moved on to eyeshadow, and for this I used my Naked 2 palette.

Naked 2 insideI absolutely adore this palette and I use it all the time. In time I want to buy the first Naked palette as I think the selection in that one is gorgeous. For this look, I took the shade Half Baked, and using a standard round fluffy brush, I patted it all over the lid. Half Baked is a beautiful sunny gold colour, and as it had been a particularly sunny day for September, I thought this would be a great colour to use. To create some definition to the lid, using the same brush, I placed the shade Snakebite into the crease and outer corner of the eye. This is quite a dark gold-brown shade and perfect with Half Baked to create definition and a subtle smoky eye effect. I usually do my eyeshadow quite messily as I go in with a makeup wipe afterwards to clean up the edges.

7After this, I used my Brow Artist Plumper by L’Oréal which is basically a mascara for eyebrows. Although I have quite dark eyebrows, I have quite a few gaps. I don’t really want to start drawing my eyebrows in, so using this Brow Artist mascara means that it quickly gives my brows better definition and gets rid of annoying gaps and stray hairs. I also used a white champagne shade in an old MUA neutrals palette to highlight just underneath my brows and then went back to my Naked 2 palette and using a smaller, straighter brush I put the shade Busted underneath my lower lash line. Then, I took my Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner in a dark brown shade and used it to line my upper lid in a wing. If you want to see how I do my eyeliner, I can do a tutorial post about it in the future. I’m using dark brown because I accidentally picked it up without realising! But it turns out looking like it’s black anyway, and I’ve grown to really like it. I’d definitely recommend this eyeliner as it’s so easy to use.
The next step was just adding mascara. After using the same one for years, I decided to try out Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara and I’m so glad I did! It’s great for the price, and one of the best drugstore mascaras I’ve ever tried.

The next few steps are where I think the look really pulls together. I used a Natural Collection bronzer, in the lighter shade they had and using a big fluffy brush I put it under my cheek bones and around my temples and top of the forehead. I used a highlighter from a bigger makeup set that I was given years ago as a birthday present, which is a lovely gold-champagne colour. The name of this makeup look comes from the red lipstick used, which is from Topshop in the colour Hazard. I absolutely love it because it’s so vibrant. I find it’s very easy to smudge it though, but I love the feel of it and it doesn’t dry my lips out too much.

This bronzer is quite orangey on me because I’m so pale, so I have to use it very lightly. I need to invest in a new bronzer that is matte, as the one I use at the moment has a shimmer in it, which I don’t really like as I use it for more of a contour than a bronzed look. I also want to invest in a highlight that gives a stronger shine and lasts longer.

Lastly, my mum bought a new curling wand the other day, so I decided to try it out as my hair is basically really straight naturally. I lack quite a lot of volume with my hair which is annoying because even when I use hairspray and volumizing mousses and products, it still won’t hold its volume and will go flat within hours, if not minutes. Adding curls to my hair at least makes it look a little more interesting and different for me, as I usually straighten my hair or put it in a bun.

The wand has bobbles on it which mean the hair curls in different ways each time. I actually found it quite difficult to get the hang of it, and I realised that you need to curl quite large sections of hair at a time, rather than smaller sections which is what I usually do. And here’s the finished look!

Let me know in the comments if you liked this look or if you want me to do any specific looks in the future, otherwise thank you so much for reading.

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