The EU Referendum: No Longer A ‘Great’ Britain

Now, I’m not a politician nor have I studied politics, nor am I an official expert on politics. But I did just wake up with news that I could not predict would be so devastating. Today, the UK voted to leave the European Union after a nationwide referendum. I voted to remain, as did a staggering 64% of people aged 18-24 in the UK alone. Sadly, that was not enough and the elder generation did not think Britain was as strong in the EU (58% of people aged 65+ voted to leave).

This has come as a huge disappointment. Of course I knew it would be close, but I feel like nobody has properly thought through what it actually means for the UK – Nigel Farage has already retracted many of the lies that the remain campaign put forth to get support, such as the £350 million we would apparently save from leaving the EU would be put back into the NHS has been confirmed to be untrue (as I suspected). Jeremy Corbyn has not been active on social media since last night – someone who I hoped would speak up as a beacon of hope for Britain and certainly for me. He was someone I thought would try to remain strong, but where is he now? David Cameron has also abandoned his post as Prime Minister, and trust me, I strongly dislike the man; but he has left us with his evil counterparts Boris Johnson and Michael Gove who can now get their filthy hands on the role of PM. Cameron was also the one who got us into this referendum mess, but I can only presume he thought that the leave vote wouldn’t win, just as I did.

If you’re unaware of why the UK leaving the EU is a problem, we have now stranded ourselves on an island with a Tory government who have already tried to scrap the human rights act, which the EU denied. The EU was the only thing between freedom and right-wing greedy white men. I’m genuinely concerned for the future. Here are some of the reasons that have been flying round my head today:

  • Privatisation of the NHS – thus no more free healthcare in the UK as well as no free healthcare in Europe
  • University fees going up even more – the Conservatives have already changed the fees from being free to 9,000 a year
  • Workers rights will be stripped and the working class will be affected the most by this
  • Benefits for disabled or single parents will be cut, as well as any funding for disabled or vulnerable people
  • The pound is already on a huge decline – the lowest it has ever been since 1985, and we are/will be plunged into a recession (we went into one in 2008, which we’ve barely recovered from. I still remember it, how bleak everything was…)
  • Everything becoming so expensive – getting mortgages will be difficult, or mortgages will get super expensive and price of housing will go up (it’s already expensive enough as it is)
  • Being left with Boris and Michael Gove. Blithering, evil men.
  • Unable to freely move through Europe – we’ll now need a visa and work permits
  • People who are not British citizens could be deported and sent back to their countries – they have just as much right to be here as anyone else!

I am truly ashamed of being British today… we have stripped our relations with the European Union, we have literally ruined our economy in a matter of hours… the people are divided and against each other… 48% of the population wanted to remain and we have been silenced by ignorance. I am actually scared for the future of Britain today. I can already hear Scotland and Wales packing their bags – Scotland already tried to get their independence, and I just know they’re regretting that decision today. My mum is scared because it’s me and my little brother who will have to deal with these consequences. Many people voted leave to ‘make Britain great again’ and to ‘get our country back’, but sadly all I can see is that “Great Britain” is no longer great.

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